Stress can and often does lead to poor academic performance. Stress can also detract from your social life while negatively affecting your overall health. If you don’t resolve whatever it is that’s stressing you out, you’ll likely end up with serious problems. Some of these problems might be high blood pressure, mood swings, fatigue, ulcers, forgetfulness, headaches, and even depression. Here are 5 actionable tips to help you reduce stress today while improving the quality of your life:

Exercise Daily

Exercise usually costs money. And most people don’t consider it an absolute necessity. But as a college student, you’re luckier than most people. Every college has a fitness center that’s open to every student. Create some time each day for exercise.

There’s everything for everyone. From jogging to cycling and yoga, you shouldn’t have trouble finding something interesting.

At your age, it’s unlikely that you have weight issues. But exercise does keep you in perfect shape while enhancing your overall well-being.

Stop saying you’re too busy. Who isn’t? You never have time — you CREATE it. Think of ways to save time. What about improving your writing and typing skills?

Journal Your Stress Out

Stop bottling up thoughts, feelings, fears, concerns, and hopes. Writing is, in some way, therapeutic. That’s why you need to keep a journal. A journal allows you to confide in someone who can never break a confidence.

So, capture your thoughts each day; write them down. Journaling helps you to process the problems each day brings and helps you to deal with stress. You likely won’t believe this but keeping a journal may also strengthen your immunity!

Stop Procrastinating

Inertia is more than just another impersonal idea you learn in your physics classes. It’s real. You wake up one dull morning, and you’ve got a headache. It’s nothing serious. It’s something you can sleep away! That assignment can wait, plus you still have a few days before submission date arrives. So, relax.

But time flies. The deadline is almost here. But you’ve not started writing that research paper. And you’re beginning to feel stressed out. What do you do? Quickly write it and submit it.

You didn’t give your work adequate attention. And you’re beginning to worry you might end up with an F. You see, procrastination stresses you out — and it sucks.

You’ve got to overcome your procrastination if you want to see more happiness and better grades. How? Always plan your work. Design a weekly schedule that includes exercise, reading, writing, social life, meditation and so on. Then, stick to your schedule no matter what. That’s hard, but thinking of the rewards ahead can keep you motivated.

Meditate Daily

There’s too much distraction in the world today. Emails, Facebook, Twitter, addictive video games, Netflix. All these can end up “stealing” tons of your time — time you don’t even have. These distractions can be quite exhausting.  Strangely, though, social media, endless chatting, Netflix, and video games often seem like the only way you can relax!

Set aside a little time each day for meditation. Medication “declutters” your mind and recharges it. It generates the mental energy you need to face another stressful day.

So, walk your dog in the evening. Relax in the bathtub after a hard day in school or the office. That’s how Archimedes became great!

Sit under a tree. Breathe out every negative thought that stresses you out. Breathe in the healing power of nature. Relax.


Stress can destabilize you and lead to poor overall health in the end. It lowers the quality of your life. Stress is something you must avoid or resolve. And managing stress isn’t hard.

There are four simple things you can do each day to kick stress out of your life. Meditate, overcome your procrastination, exercise, or keep a journal. They’re simple things that cost you nothing but a little time each day. They’re simple things you can start TODAY.