About Writers Palace

We're a medium-sized academic writing consultancy. We've dedicated our resources to helping students leverage different learning techniques. Your writing skills should keep improving. We'll help you stay focused.
We're not the oldest writing consultancy you'll find. But our commitment to learning and writing sets us apart from our competitors. We're passionate about what we're about — training, guiding, and encouraging tired students. We realize how difficult the journey gets sometimes. Keeping that realization in mind, we've vowed never to let you fail.
Profit is usually the motive behind the establishment of the vast majority of businesses in this industry. Frankly, we can't say money doesn't come into the equation. But primarily, we didn't build Writers Palace to make money. We just decided to pursue something everyone here loves — writing and online tutoring.
We've never dreamed of getting rich doing what we do. However, our customers have shown us real kindness over the years. Their loyalty has kept our doors open since inception. For us, it's all about our valued customers. It's all about their success as individuals. We believe great potential resides in each student we serve. It's our job to help them unlock that potential.
Here's What Makes Us Different:

o Our writers are mostly native English speakers. They quickly, easily, and clearly understand our customers' instructions and execute them with great precision.

o Everyone writing for us holds at least a bachelor's degree in a relevant area. There's always someone to help you work out your problems, no matter their complexity.

o We continually hire and keep the best academic writing professionals we can find. Anyone who qualifies to write for us has gone through an excruciating vetting process that ensures only the very best survive.

o We keep training our people, helping them to stay abreast with the latest in the industry.

o Our customers' needs are central to everything we do. Unlike in other academic writing consultancies, every person working with us is a caring customer service representative. Titles don't mean much here. Our competitors select a few people and give them the title customer service agent or officer. In contrast, every writer working for Writers Palace is a customer service enthusiast. Nothing delights our teams more than seeing our customers smile.

o Our prices ensure every student who seeks assistance gets it. We provide top-quality services at some of the most competitive prices you'll ever see. It gets better. Our customers keep getting discounts.

o We store your personal information with much care. Our systems guarantee maximum safety and protection to your data. Your data never gets shared with third parties. Sharing your details with third parties would only happen where we've received a court order that requires us to provide that information. That's never happened, though.

o We always meet deadlines.

o The quality of your sample will always be an area that receives adequate attention.

o With us, formatting, in-text citations, full citations, cover page, editing, and proofreading have always been FREE. Hopefully, we'll need to make adjustments regarding these amazing offers.

o Where your samples require an additional round of editing, we'll handle it swiftly, precisely, and professionally.

o We have established a 100-percent money-back policy. While our competitors have such a policy in place, it may not always work smoothly. We'll quickly refund your money in a situation where your sample utterly fails to meet your requirements. However, our editors review every dispute to verify the validity of each refund application. Once our professional editors tell us you deserve a refund, our finance department processes it within five business days. We hope that won't happen, but you need to stay informed.

Give Your Dreams a Chance

Writers Place is among the preferred academic writing consultancies locally and internationally. Those who've dealt with us can tell you we're as good as our word. We exist to help our customers develop and strengthen their academic writing skills as they strive toward the fulfillment of their dreams. We only succeed when those who have entrusted their academic lives to us succeed. You're probably a driven and enthusiastic person. But even the strongest amongst us get discouraged sometimes. It's your coach's job to ensure you stay focused and encouraged. Would you like to try our essay writing consulting services? What holds you back? Give your DREAMS a chance.